Friday, April 10, 2009

My Favorite Holiday

I love Easter because it is all about renewal. I have always enjoyed the traditions of Easter- decorating eggs, cutting spring blossoms, eating fresh asparagus and other wonderful spring harvests, watching kids on the Easter egg hunt and everything else! It is a wonderful time of year that rejuvenates me. It is powerful knowing that there is the promise of God, forgiveness and renewal.
I will certainly be part of the renewal theme next week when I start my LifeSpring class. This is a 12 week cancer recovery course that offers exercise and education to people living with cancer. I had my assessment yesterday by a nurse practitioner and am good to go. I am eager to participate in this because of the focus on all around well being. I was impressed by the program's staff- they are genuine and very in tune to the needs of the participants. It is so cool that our local hospital offers this program free through a grant! How lucky I am to take part in this.
This week has been good to me. I am feeling better, finally, after a longer than expected period of sickness after the April 1st chemo. Other than a cold that I somehow acquired (probably due to my record low white blood cell counts on Wednesday) I cannot complain. I say cannot complain when I should say should not complain!
Ryan and I enjoyed visiting with his Aunt Lea and Uncle Jim. They were in from California and Oregon to visit Ryan's grandma Emma for her 96th birthday in Scottsbluff and made the drive to Lincoln to visit us. It was great seeing them. Ryan and I plan on taking a trip westward to Scottsbluff to see Gma. Emma next week. It will be wonderful to see her. We are amazed that at 96, she continues to live independently at home and remains sharp. We also plan to take in some sandhill sights via scenic, non-interstate routes. Our trip will be very short as we have to plan it around my LifeSpring class and my next chemo which is coming up all too soon. It will still be refreshing to get away and enjoy the beauty of the state's river valleys, sandhills and western bluffs.
Have a joyous Easter everyone. May you delight in all of spring's wonderful blessings.

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  1. Hey Karen,

    I'm so sorry I'm so long in sending along thoughts. I just want you to know that LJ and I are thinking of you and if there's anything we can do to help, don't hesitate to call on us.


    Marcus & Leslie Ring