Friday, April 10, 2009

My Favorite Holiday

I love Easter because it is all about renewal. I have always enjoyed the traditions of Easter- decorating eggs, cutting spring blossoms, eating fresh asparagus and other wonderful spring harvests, watching kids on the Easter egg hunt and everything else! It is a wonderful time of year that rejuvenates me. It is powerful knowing that there is the promise of God, forgiveness and renewal.
I will certainly be part of the renewal theme next week when I start my LifeSpring class. This is a 12 week cancer recovery course that offers exercise and education to people living with cancer. I had my assessment yesterday by a nurse practitioner and am good to go. I am eager to participate in this because of the focus on all around well being. I was impressed by the program's staff- they are genuine and very in tune to the needs of the participants. It is so cool that our local hospital offers this program free through a grant! How lucky I am to take part in this.
This week has been good to me. I am feeling better, finally, after a longer than expected period of sickness after the April 1st chemo. Other than a cold that I somehow acquired (probably due to my record low white blood cell counts on Wednesday) I cannot complain. I say cannot complain when I should say should not complain!
Ryan and I enjoyed visiting with his Aunt Lea and Uncle Jim. They were in from California and Oregon to visit Ryan's grandma Emma for her 96th birthday in Scottsbluff and made the drive to Lincoln to visit us. It was great seeing them. Ryan and I plan on taking a trip westward to Scottsbluff to see Gma. Emma next week. It will be wonderful to see her. We are amazed that at 96, she continues to live independently at home and remains sharp. We also plan to take in some sandhill sights via scenic, non-interstate routes. Our trip will be very short as we have to plan it around my LifeSpring class and my next chemo which is coming up all too soon. It will still be refreshing to get away and enjoy the beauty of the state's river valleys, sandhills and western bluffs.
Have a joyous Easter everyone. May you delight in all of spring's wonderful blessings.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Is No April Fool's Day Joke- Here's Your Cytotoxin Cocktail!

My April 1st chemo session went well- no reactions and it seemed to go a little faster this time. The infusion lasted from 9 am til 12:30. Sara was a great chemo buddy and made sure the entire event was smooth for me. She unplugged my i.v. pole for each pee break I needed (which amounted to a surprising number! Have you ever had several bags of fluids forced in you all at once?!) She inquired about all of the drugs and listed them in my book for me which was very cool because sometimes the nurses just administer away without telling me what they are putting in my body. I never knew what about half of the pre-treatment drugs did until Sara asked the nurse yesterday. The nurse took it all in stride with humor and stated that there would be a quiz at the end of the treatment!
After my cyctotoxin delight, we ventured downtown to one of my favorite restaurants for some Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese food. We of course did not eat all 3 types of cuisine but it is a great little place that offers all 3 and does them all well. Makes it hard to decide which route you will go each time. Dave was in between cases at work so he was able to join us. We had a nice visit and then Sara and I headed to Urban Trail Gardens for some plant therapy. The warmth of the greenhouses, the visual eye candy and the visit with my friend Ron were all very therapeutic. I wanted to take home lots of plants but the reality of lingering cold weather and my lack of energy sunk in and I was able to resist and walk out of there with only one special purchase. This spring will be especially tough because my full energy days are limited so I have to indulge by just looking or being excited about other people's garden plans. If anyone out there wants some help with garden plans I would love to pour over books and ideas with them!
It was a good day- one that left me tuckered out by about 6 p.m. but I was glad to get out and enjoy my time with family and friends. I slept well last night and feel pretty good so far today so for that I am ever thankful. I do count my blessings every chance I get.